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A Great Weekend


image (3)This was a great weekend for the FIRE.  Both the BLACK & GREEN squads played with some crossover players in every game.   Saturday was the first day some of the players got back on the field since the end of the Spring season.  The first game the kids were a bit rusty but then things started to smooth out and you could tell that this group of kids is going to experience a fair share of success this fall.  The second game of the weekend was a nail biter that went into extra innings and was decided in a Texas Tie Breaker.  The boys fought hard, worked their tails off and just came up a bit short.

Mudd Went Head First

Mudd Went Head First

The 3rd Game of the weekend was a squeaker and it took each player to contribute to come away with the win in a 4-3 close one.   The game was a see saw match where the lead changed hands several times with the FIRE coming out on top.   IMG_4861The 4th and final game of the weekend was much different from any game I have ever experienced.  This was the first game I witnessed multiple home runs in the same game.  Whelan went deep twice, Bryce once and Ryland finished the home run derby with a laser over the left center fence.  We had great pitching, excellent defense and a-lot of hustle.   My favorite moment of the game was the 5-4-3 double play that was executed to Major League perfection.  I am looking forward to some amazing baseball to be played this fall from this great group of kids.  This weekend every player experienced some good baseball moments and should be proud for what they did and how they contributed to “the TEAM”.  The FIRE family is a blend of Fossil Park players, Northwest Players and a few from other organizations but now we are just the FIRE.  I would like to take a moment and thank our sponsors for supporting us… Stance Doctor, Play-It-Again Sports and Oppo Sports.


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