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About The FIRE


IMG_5332The St. Pete Fire of Stance Doctor is a 12U Travel Baseball team based out of Stance Doctor Baseball Academy in St. Petersburg, FL.  The St. Petersburg Fire is a large baseball organization with 2 highly competitive squads (GREEN & BLACK).   The team practices together, trains together and often the squads intermix during tournaments.


The BLACK SQUAD has a current roster of 9 players: (alphabetical order)

Alex Tchountchev

Austin Stuck

Brady Perri

Colin Perri

Declan Reynolds

Joey Brooks

Jett Wolfe

Parker Mizell

Patrick Mizell

The GREEN SQUAD has a current roster of 9 players: (alphabetical order)

Bryce Gephart

Colin Zell

Joey Geiger

John Ingalls

Jonnie Whelan

JT Zulick

Landon Allen

Rylan Bozenhard

Tyler Stocksdale

The Organization has  8 Coaches:

Cliff Gephart (General Manager)

John Stocksdale (Squad Manager)

Bill Reynolds (Squad Coach)

John Ingalls (Coach / Statistician)

A. J Bozenhard (Coach)

Adam Stuck (Coach)

Ryan Wolfe (Coach)

Larry Geiger (Coach)





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