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Bryce Gephart #10


IMG_1851Bryce is currently in the 6th grade at LCC Day School.  Bryce enjoys many things outside of baseball including snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, boating, tubing, computer games and a bunch of other stuff.  The thing Bryce’s parents are the most proud of is, that he is a good hearted person and not only works hard on the field but also in school.

IMG_4509Bryce is currently taking FLYING lessons and hopes to be one of the youngest licensed pilots ever.

Bryce loves to travel and has an incredible thirst for adventure and exploration.  From climbing mountains to surfing there has never been an experience that Bryce has passed up.  Bryce was raised in a family where the moto is “fun is at the edge of fear” and has not only embraced that but sometimes pushes beyond it.

Bryce wants to be an architect when he grows up after attending Florida State University on a full ride baseball scholarship.

To learn more about Bryce go to http://www.BryceGephart.com

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